NEW LIFE: the homewear that recycles plastic bottles!


This is not a homewear line, it's a breath of fresh air for the planet. With this 100% recycled polyester capsule from PET plastic bottles, we give a second life to non-biodegradable materials and open the door to circular fashion. Discover our first recycled polyester capsule!

How are the bottles recycled?

Reducing global demand for polyester virgin material

As a specialist in natural fibres and sensitive to responsible fashion, we are alarmed by this fact: approximately 49% of the world's clothing is made of polyester, and this number will almost double by 2030 according to Greenpeace.

Faced with the exponential production of a material whose production depletes our natural reserves (extraction of crude oil and natural gas), we present you the new eco-friendly knitwear made from recycled polyester fibre from PET plastic bottles collected in China!

A second life for a non-biodegradable material

Unfortunately, the plastic bottles we consume every day do not disappear by magic! They usually end up incinerated, in landfills or in the oceans...

Recycling this plastic is an opportunity to protect the environment, but also an opportunity to give value to "undesirable" materials and to imagine a more sustainable fashion.

100% recycled and recyclable, the fabric can be reused for new production, reducing the demand for the creation of virgin material. Welcome to circular fashion!

Sustainable fashion 

This capsule is the result of the in-depth R&D work of our partner workshop, a miracle worker located in ZHEJIANG province. 

Dedicated to the evolution of the fashion industry, to a closed and renewable cycle, it shares our vision of ethical fashion and sustainable production. 

Recycled and with a lower impact on the environment than virgin polyester, this new material which composes our fabrics keeps high quality performances: a silky touch, a fluid wear and a long life!

Durable and harmless to humans, these magical yarns have obtained the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, guaranteeing the total absence of substances harmful to health. 

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