Seen in the press: the Daniel body on Penélope Cruz!

Seen in
the press!

True icon of the cinema, the actress Penélope Cruz posed for the cover of Marie-Claire magazine in a casual look in a NOTSHY body shirt. In this February issue, the solar quadra evokes her love and commitment to women.
Zoom on the personality of this totally NOTSHY woman!


Penélope Cruz loves women of character, just like her mother who had her at 21 and raised her while working hard. With her extraordinary personality, she teaches her dialogue and freedom of speech with honesty.


Being younger, the Spanish star spends a lot of time in her mother's beauty salon, a prime observatory where she can listen to women express themselves freely.


From those years spent in the intimacy of their open-hearted conversations, she seems to keep a benevolent gaze that is transmitted today in the power with which she embodies female emotion in the cinema.


Their strength and vulnerability animate her desire to make women shine throughout the world.


Later, at the age of 20, she was so moved by her encounter with an 8-year-old orphan girl during a trip to Calcutta, that she decided to help her and provide for her needs and studies.


"What better idea could there be than giving young girls the tools they need to be able to study? Offering education means giving them the freedom to take their destiny into their own hands". 


Full of enthusiasm, struggles and passions, this solar icon is feminist.


It is in the choice of roles she chooses to play, but also through the programme against illiteracy for young girls Write Her Future that she leads the fight for gender equality.  


She also shows her support for several Hollywood celebrities in the fight against sexual harassment by becoming a member of Time's Up from the beginning of the movement in 2018, following the Harvey Weinstein affair.


She strongly denounces abuses in the film industry, and wishes to give strength to the women who are victims of it through the organisation that raises funds to support them. 


From the sign of Taurus, a sign of stubbornness, she has always fought for justice and equality, values passed on by her parents, which she strives, we bet, to pass on to her two children!

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