Cashmere is a delicate and precious fibre and therefore requires special care which you can easily do at home. The correct care of your cashmere will only increase its softness.

Cashmere loves water, and its quality will improve with every wash, so we say a resounding “yes” to frequent washes in your machine! You simply have to adhere to some basic rules: do not use fabric softener, wash it inside out and dry flat!

NOTSHY Cashmere Shampoing

Provide the best care for all your cashmere garments with the NOTSHY cashmere care guide!

NOTSHY cashmere garments should be machine-washed. Yes, yes, trust us! A machine wash on a wool programme will be much more effective than hand-washing, but please note the following points:

  • - Wash your cashmere garment inside out.
  • - Do not overload your machine. Half a drum per wash will avoid putting too much pressure on the cashmere fibres.
  • - You can place your cashmeres individually in a laundry bag or pillowcase.
  • - Select a short-cycle programme and a low temperature (max. 30°C). A lower temperature could be counter-productive, because it would not remove the staining and the detergent would not be effective. Conversely, temperatures above 30°C could ruin your cashmere (protein coagulation and shrinkage of the cashmere).

Absolutely! Spin your cashmere at a low speed to dry it more quickly.

If you want to wash your cashmere by hand, keep the washing process as brief as possible using plenty of warm water to enable the detergent to dissolve effectively. You should ideally wash each cashmere garment separately.

  • Step 1: Dampen your cashmere.
  • Step 2: Immerse it in the sink, bowl or bath of water.
  • Step 3: Gently rub your cashmere using forward and backward movements.
  • Step 4: Rinse your cashmere in clean water and repeat the process several times.
  • Step 5: Ideally, roll your cashmere up in a clean towel, squeeze it and then dry your garment flat.

Never hang a wet cashmere up to dry, as it may never regain its original shape.

Cashmere is a natural fibre that has a particular smell when wet but when it is finally dry, you will just smell the fragrance of your detergent.

Devote as much care to your cashmere as you would to your hair! Preferably use a specific wool detergent or a mild shampoo. The special NOTSHY cashmere detergent is ideal for washing and maintaining your cashmere.

We at NOTSHY would not recommend using fabric softener on your cashmere garments, because the substances in the softener make the fabric surface smooth and your garment would lose its shape. If you want to give your cashmere a luxury deep treatment you can use a hair conditioner, but only after washing your article for the tenth time.

No, never! You should only consider this if your cashmere features embroidery, leather, skin or any other decorative elements.

The quality of the NOTSHY cashmere garments improves with washing. Yes, once again, trust us! The marvellous feel of cashmere gradually improves with every wash! We recommend you wash your cashmere after wearing it at least four times.

No, the woollen fibres would become matted and develop a felt-like texture; the whole garment would shrink!

The best option is to dry it flat on an absorbent towel. Do not stretch your cashmere garment out, but leave it to dry slightly crumpled to retain the elasticity of the fibre. However, remember to turn your cashmere over to allow both sides to dry. Do not place your cashmere too close to a heat source (radiator) or too exposed to the sun, as the fibres may be burnt and the colour may lose its vibrancy.

In this case you can leave your cashmere to air overnight. Our tip is: hang your cashmere up in the bathroom while you are taking a shower, because the humidity will eliminate any unpleasant odours and creases! If that does not work, you can always use a fabric refresher spray.

Yes, but only if you place a damp cloth between your iron and your cashmere garment.
You can also iron your cashmere inside out. Always ensure the temperature of your iron is suitable for wool garments.

As hard-wearing as it is, after wearing your NOTSHY cashmere once, you should not wear it again for at least 24 hours to enable the fibres to regain their incredible properties.

Our suggestion: dampen your cashmere and then place it in a bag. Place the bag in your freezer for 1-2 hours and then dry your cashmere flat. Finally, switch your iron to steam mode and pass it over the cashmere, keeping a few centimetres between the iron and the fabric. The fibres of your cashmere will then regain all their softness.

Unfortunately, you cannot. Pilling is a natural occurrence that arises when you wear a garment. It often appears where friction or rubbing is more intense, and occurs regardless of the quality of the garment.
You can use the special NOTSHY cashmere detergent to help prevent pilling.
You can also use the special NOTSHY cashmere comb to remove pills from your cashmere.

The use of lint razors is not recommended, as they cut and therefore weaken your cashmere fibres.

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