The fashion trend for Fall Winter 2021 is a shimmering, retro universe where cashmere pulses compete with bewitching oriental prints. 

Make way for the essential, for authenticity, for a creativity that speaks to all women, without giving up on style! Live dreaming, escaping, projecting, redefining yourself.... Fashion offers all this!


This particular season invites us to dream of new journeys, new sensations, and even more cashmere softness....

Invitation to travel

Tribute to oriental charm, to folk harmony, depicting the portrait of a strong, casual and assumed femininity, making fun of conventions.

In a suit or sophisticated pyjamas, silk or velvet panne imposes itself in an ultimate retro reminiscence.


Secret of knitting

Soft knits, sensual fabrics, ample volumes, subtle shades: you can curl up in a cashmere sweater, a cocoon of elegance!

Through a play of knits and artisanal notes, the collection carries the matrix of a particular know-how and emotion.

Stylish homewear

Comfort is chic. Second skin knitwear. Stylish interior looks, punctuated by comfortable materials and fluid cuts...

The demand for well-being that honors an active and modern woman!

Mix & Match

Materials, shades and prints merge for a look with character. The different prestige knitting techniques play with a range of 32 exclusive colors, and allows for creative and assertive combinations.



discover our sweaters and ponchos

A range of 32 exclusive colors_.

360° know-how

From the natural fiber to the perfect fabric, NOTSHY has a 360° vision of fashion cashmere. An ode to rigor and quality, celebrating the know-how of its virtuoso workshops in Inner Mongolia.


360° know-how