Cashmere: a name that evokes an element of magic in our imagination; an image of a quality garment which is warm, comfortable and also delicate. Cashmere is a precious fibre which, more than any other fabric or material, seduces us at the first touch. It has been one of the symbols of elegance, chic and comfort for centuries.

NOTSHY: a story, a fashion

NOTSHY: the meeting of two fans of knitted garments: Olivier Criq and Jean-Pascal Candau created the brand in 1998 with the desire to shake up the rules of cashmere. The two friends became business partners who understood and anticipated the bright future of cashmere garments and items. The combination of the commercial and management skills of Olivier Criq and those of the technical expert and stylist Jean-Pascal Candau kick-started the growth of NOTSHY.
NOTSHY has perfected the art of enhancing cashmere by combining uniqueness, lightness, softness and creativity.
Out with the old styles! NOTSHY dares to blend cashmere with leather, suede, silk, lace and embroidery to offer an exceptional and unique range of products! Colourful little jackets, ponchos, sweaters, dresses and accessories with a chic and rock look are all part of the range. The NOTSHY style department offers both glamorous and more understated looks thanks to its determination to defy trends as well as its creative flair.
Bohemian, cheeky, surprising but always ultra-feminine; you’ll fall in love with NOTSHY.

NOTSHY: a 100% French success story

NOTSHY products are created using thoroughly French savoir-faire. NOTSHY’s offices are located in the heart of Paris to guarantee a quality service à la française. Whether it’s the administration or commercial departments, the PR or the style department, all the NOTSHY creations and businesses are located at the premises in Paris.
This pledge of quality is now exported to several continents such as Asia, North America and Europe. Recognised as a must-have product in the cashmere fashion world, NOTSHY is now available in 700 stores around the world, including 180 in France.

NOTSHY: a product created in the land of cashmere

NOTSHY is also engaged in a business partnership with Mongolia.
The most important area for cashmere with its famous goats and perfect climate, the region of Chinese Mongolia is ideally suited to produce the raw materials for NOTSHY sweaters.
Jean-Pascal Candau and Olivier Criq ensure the high quality of the brand on plateaus at an altitude of above 5,000 metres, where the mere thought of the low temperatures (which can drop to -50°C) is enough to make you shiver! NOTSHY strives to guarantee the wellbeing of the goats and the local teams, who are highly qualified experts in processing cashmere.
NOTSHY is more than a responsible and bold brand, it is also a philosophy that goes beyond the caprices of fashion.

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