Spring-summer collection 2022

Our relationship with time is now an absolute priority. The Spring-Summer 2022 collection is an invitation to travel, an ode to freedom...

Spring-Summer celebrates a free woman who rediscovers the pleasures of dressing herself, a daring woman that dreams of escaping.

A sensual ode invades the season, accompanied by an irresistible desire to wear extremely soft and comfortable materials. Summer cashmere, silk or second-skin cotton voile, softness is the keyword for your summer escape.

On the road heading straight to a bright summer, our Spring-Summer wardrobe freely mixes sexy nonchalance and refined softness. The collection highlights pieces with character that signal a new holiday spirit, returning to the essentials.


Fairer fashion

The lockdown that has frozen the planet in place has created a revolution and has completely changed our relationship with freedom. A new, more human and authentic world is taking shape.

We form a human chain with our design studio and manufacturing workshops.

We foresee a future even more in line with our values and our deepest desires. We aspire to a fairer fashion. With a more than ever present insane desire for creativity, elegance and nonchalance.

Authentic trip

The NOTSHY 2022 woman dreams of worldly travels, original itineraries...

The summer wardrobe is a mix of prints and artisanal touches. Board immediately for an authentic journey!

Back to ancestral techniques : quilted patchwork, block print, tie and dye, embroidery...

Quilting is a technique associated with patchwork, which consists of sewing molleton between two layers of fabric. The quilted patchwork jacket is a fashion must-have this season.

Traditional block print is made with hand-carved wooden stamps. Our block print celebrates tradition on cotton voile.

On the road to Santa Fe

The collection draws you to the Santa Fe Road, in a sunny escape, with a chic adventurer's wardrobe…

We rediscover the typical iconography of Mexico. Traditional geometric patterns, borrowed from Aztec architecture and Mayan textiles, are intertwined.

Fringed ponchos, capes and t-shirts with Amerindian motifs, the New Mexico spirit makes the look flamboyant ! 

Secret Beach

In a dreamlike setting, on a secret beach, pink water and sky embrace to celebrate summer. The song of the crickets, a soft and sensual melody that invades the sand...

We are lulled into an intimate conversation with nature...

The range of colours is bursting with sunshine. Tie & Dye is revisited for free, athletic and intense silhouettes.

In this sunny atmosphere, NOTSHY sketches the idea of a reunion with nature but also that of a free and casual woman.

Chromatic range

Summer is a time for bold colours, whether worn in strong combinations or as a total monochrome look. The chromatic cashmere range is composed of 18 exclusive colours, designed by our design studio. The range mixes natural, soft pastels and sunny shades.

The season's flagship material, linen jersey, is developed in thirty different styles, and plays the colour card with 25 exclusive colours, bursting with sunshine.

A range of 25 exclusive colours